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Multi Ch Dante Of Fianna, HD B, ED 0, OFAc, Ataxia Carrier
Ch Alpine's Brownie Bottom Sundae, PennHIP 0.65/0.60, OFAg, OFAc, CERF, Ataxia Clear

Date of Birth of the litter: March 29, 2011
Co-Bred by Valerie Piltz


Ataxia Clear
Alpine's Catch Me If You Can

Owned/Loved by: Lana & Steve Killen
Co-owned by: Alpine Falls

Owned/Loved by: Mike & Monica Davi
Co-owned by: Alpine Falls

OFAg, OFAel , Ataxia Carrier

Owned/Loved by: Adrian Tackett & Jack Pooler
Co-owned by: Alpine Falls

Owned/Loved by: Aaron & Palmira Wilson